Hail and well met, gentle reader!

I’m Ead (the a is silent, it’s short for Eadwine, which is the Saxon spelling of Edwin, just to keep people guessing), and I’m a freelance copy editor and proofreader, and a sometime writer.

About me

My editorial background and experience comes from nearly 10 years at Games Workshop, the fantasy tabletop wargames company. I spent most of that time working for its subsidiaries Forge World and Black Library, and did a great deal of freelance proofreading and editing work on more than 30 novels, including the New York Times-bestselling ‘Horus Heresy’ series, and over a dozen gaming supplements and publications for Forge World’s Imperial Armour range.

During that time, I became a fully qualified copy editor and proofreader, studying via distance learning with the Publishing Training Centre.

I still freelance for Black Library, and I’d be delighted to work on your novel manuscripts, but otherwise I specialise in gaming publications.

What Else is Here?

Conveniently, you’ll also find my rates and how to contact me, and an occasional blog post. Some of these might be about editing, some might be snippets of my own work (I hear writing something every day is a good thing to do).

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